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Where in the World is Carla Ann?

Now isn’t that a loaded question?!?! Honestly, I’ve dragged my feet and procrastinated when writing this particular blog-post because the answer to "Where in the World is Carla Ann?" Yet oddly enough in many ways, is also very simple.

I believe each of us can admit that 2020 has been one in which has changed us all. For many (if not all of us) our livelihoods and lifestyles were flipped. In my case, a mere handful of weeks before the Covid-19 mandated quarantine, I took a huge leap of faith and confidently moved my entire life to Illinois. Let me repeat... MY. ENTIRE. LIFE. Little did I foresee what would transpire in the months that rest ahead.

Honestly, the idea of a new opportunity was exciting! Although, leaving a career I loved in the fashion industry as well as dear friends whom I equally adored saddened me, it was time to move forward and continue to blossom. Moving in with Mr. IT (the man I fell head over heels for) while taking on a new managerial position at a local gym seemed nothing less than perfect! And in essence, it was!

Soon thereafter, enter “quarantine.”

The reality is: Due to Covid-19 and the mandatory quarantine, I held my new managerial position for two weeks before we were forced to temporarily close the gym. Upon securing the laundry list of unprecedented temporary closing procedures, the phone rang. “Oh hey Carla, yeah I forgot to tell you”...

...”I really can’t keep you onboard through this.” And just like that, Carla Ann was unemployed.

Feeling incredibly let down, confused and slightly betrayed, I went home to tell Mr. IT. I remember him giving me a big warm hug. Then without skipping a beat he gently reminded me, “we’ve got this.”

Funny what a good ‘ol quarantine and a little time can do. For the next few months, Mr. IT and I religiously went for long 6 mile walks (even through the days where bone chilling cold and wind pelted the white stuff upon our cheeks.) For me it was my sanity. Perhaps it was for both of us. It was also a time to reconnect and talk about LIFE.

During one of our “life talks,” I spoke about how in a perfect world, I had always wanted to operate CA IMAGE CONSULTING on a full time basis. In all honesty, I was already successfully assisting pageant clients for over 15 years with successful results. Essentially (no quarantine pun intended here) my services could only be done after my normal 9-5 day and/or on my days off. Truth be told, I stepped away from marketing and promoting myself and felt disappointed that my website was not completed. Stepping back meant losing ground and prospective clientele. But it also meant staying the course in a field and time in which I needed. Although consulting/mentorship is my passion, there simply weren’t enough hours in the day. I had a multitude of ideas and knew in my heart the unique value I brought to the industry and my clientele as a whole. As a 50 year-old, I felt strongly that my knowledge, experience and natural passion for people set me apart from many in my field. And just as a supportive teammate does, Mr. IT once again gave me a warm hug. Only this time he said, “I’VE got you.” Therefore, rather than feeling disappointed about the abrupt unexpected loss of my job and income, together with Mr IT, “quarantine life” strangely enough handed me a perfect opportunity to soar.

Fast forward a handful of months:

Website✔️ Business Cards✔️ Social Media Pages ✔️ Expansion of Clientele ✔️ Pay it Forward Cards✔️ Consultation Packages Designed✔️ Successful Pageant Results✔️...and MORE!

Most importantly, A HAPPY CARLA ANN!

Hence, CA Image Consulting has become my MAIN focus, 24/7!

Just as I express to my own clients the beauty of embracing the journey, trusting Gods timing and the importance of surrounding yourself with good people...making the decision to do so will always yield fruitful results!

So where did n the world is Carla Ann?

Long story short, I’m exactly where I belong.

(And Mr. IT? Well, I’d say we make a phenomenal team! Yeah, he is my “IT” GUY. Lol. Oh, and for the record...he truly DOES work in IT.)

So lets move forward. If you have not figured it out by now, I love immersing myself in new opportunities which flourish personal growth, continually inspiring others and (truth be told) a good ‘ol challenge. Honestly, 50 has been pretty darn good to me thus far and I believe it’s time to shake things up. Thus, a new adventure will soon begin.

Honey, it’s time to put your $$$ where your mouth is....stay tuned!!!

Trust me, it’s going to be a doozy.




  1. something outstanding or unique of its kind.

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