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Updated: Sep 21, 2019

“You inspire me.”

I suppose that I’ve somehow been unconsciously conscious of this for quite sometime. The launch. This “debut.” My very first blog entry? A work in progress. All prompted because of those who've inspired ME and ironically...those who I'VE INSPIRED! I mean, those who know DO know. Giving of ones self, time and talents/heart is a beautiful thing! It’s my belief that both party’s are equally rewarded and receive great joy and satisfaction in the journey together...

...and lets just say that I’ve had one hell of a journey thus far!

Therefore, why not a blog? Cathartic and cleansing. Informative. Inspirational. My hope is that you will feel a connection to the words within each short easy-to-read entry. The intent? share my personal experiences, feelings, career, travel and opinions. There is no question that I'll periodically touch upon those who’ve inspired ME. Each have helped shaped who I am today. There's many! All of the above has pushed me and propelled me to evolve. Ah yes, the evolution. One that I’ve learned to embrace albeit difficult at times. And one which continues through my own twists and turns in life...


Face it. Life can be tough and oftentimes confusing. Yet other times, we feel success and overwhelming happiness. You know the feeling. It’s that, “ain’t no one gonna bring me down” kind of feeling. Yet, in a split second life can take sharp turns. Nonetheless, regardless of life’s journey (its ups and downs) it’s is one that I believe deserves a little sharing. Besides, you never know who you’ll inspire or BE INSPIRED BY!

Since curious minds want to know (actually I made that up, but will know soon enough) and because the launch of “Blonde and Becoming” is about the you go!

Me: She’s a complex but ultimately caring creature. A bit long-winded and a bit more of an over-sharer. An over-thinker who over-analyzes. She struggles to land the plane when conversing and tends to circle the airport (only because she has SO much to say!) An apologetically passionate Gemini soul who enjoys a good challenge! Always with the best of intentions, she is a creative dreamer who sets lofty goals and expectations for herself.

She, perhaps is not everyone’s cup of tea (maybe that’s why I’ve always loved a good hot Spiced Chai. Warm. Smooth. Balanced in sweetness yet robust in flavor!)

Did I mention that she LOVES analogies?

That said, if you’re not a fan of hot Spiced Chai, I sincerely appreciate that you chose to read this far! And for those of you who enjoy a good Spiced Chai and would like a second cup?....

...come back and say hello! Read more about this 49 year-old “lover of fashion” and small town farm girl who sought out a new life in a bigger city after a multitude of life events. Who knew after the dust settled that a fresh career, the addition of a few new friends and setting a handful of epic goals (Milwaukee Fashion Week) would be so challenging and EMPOWERING?

I did.

Stay tuned. Trust me. I’ll be back soon enough. But for now?...I need to practice my RUNWAY WALK (If that is not a hint, then I don't know what is.)

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